John Lewis home Refresh Autumn 2016

This season saw the launch of Design Project by John Lewis, inspired by the best of design principles the products are contemporary, beautifully designed and crafted. It seemed the right time to move on the style of brand photography previously established for John Lewis Home so, to start with, I developed a new aesthetic for the cover, opener pages and Design Project by John Lewis. The mood is simple, calm and sophisticated, premium product is shot in a heroic way with soft, yet dramatic lighting to add drama, depth and interest.

Cover & Design Project by John Lewis Photography Damian Russell, styling Suzanne Stankus, set Mick Lisle-Taylor



John Lewis home logo

The front cover image is designed to be incidental yet sympathetic to the HOME logo, cradling the type for maximum legibility.


Opener pages are clean and simple, the new design is an opportunity to hero key products, details and stories specific to each interior design style, acting as a mini content page.


Photography Chris Everard, Ben Anders, Michael Sinclair, Damian Russell, Emma Lee. Styling Suzanne Stankus, Laura Fulmine, Bex McEvoy